Bluewave Lifestyle Water Bottle

Bluewave Lifestyle Water Bottle
Bluewave Lifestyle Water Bottle

  • Volume sizes available: 2 US Gallon, 3 US Gallon, 5 US Gallon
  • USA Made Eastman Tritan – 100% BPA/BPS Free, Non-leeching, Food-Grade, & Reusable Plastic
  • USA QUALITY & DESIGN! Manufactured in-house for safety and quality control from start to finish
  • 48mm mouth & reusable screw cap. Durable built-in handle.
  • Perfect for home use, office use, water storage, or for emergency preparedness.

Bluewave Premium Large Water Bottle

Store your own purified water in this high quality, reusable, water container. Our bottle is made out of 100% BPA/BPS free plastic, sourced directly from Tennessee. It is perfect for daily use at home, at the gym, in the office, or used as water storage for emergency preparation.

Quality | Safety | Design

Designed in California & Manufactured by Bluewave. This bottle is non-toxic, non-leeching, and 100% food grade safe. Our bottle comes with a reusable 48mm screw cap and has a molded, built-in handle for convenient carrying and easy transporting. It can be used with standard water coolers.

Don’t settle for unsafe, toxic water bottles. We only use 100% virgin, new plastic. We DO NOT use recycled or scrap material to produce our products. The bottle is reusable and safe for long-term storage without worrying about leeching chemicals. Top rack dishwasher safe & hot beverage safe – will not melt!

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