Doomsday Preppers Video’s

Doomsday Preppers – No One Will Ever Know | S03E11

In Texas, Kenny and his wife Connie are preparing for a civil war. With defense as their ultimate concern, they’re building a fortified bulletproof rooftop command center. In Maryland, Kevin is prepping for an EMP attack. Kevin is very protective of his close-knit family, including his three pregnant daughters. Their survival plan relies on a customized 15-ton bunker buried 20 feet underground and stocked with baby supplies and doomsday essentials.

Doomsday Preppers – Take Our Country Back | S03E05

Deep in Oregon’s backcountry sits an 80-acre off-the-grid estate that prepper Curt and his family have designed as a fortress in the event of an economic collapse. Isolation is one of their greatest strengths, but the protective measures are endless: a 3,000-square-foot greenhouse, a lake with 1 million gallons of water, infrared cameras and a high-tech software system not to mention the children are trained in marksmanship.

Doomsday Preppers – Extreme Prep Edition | S01E12

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Doomsday Preppers – You Said It Was Non-Lethal | S04E05

Whittier, California, USA: Jim Lebus kneels behind his vehicle to examine the contents of a bug-out bag. He is a prepper because he experienced the Whittier Narrows earthquake of 1987 and he wants to be “the guy to know what to do whether it’s through an earthquake or any other type of disaster.”

Doomsday Preppers – Prepper’s Paradise | S02E11

These days Amanda and her husband Scott spend their time hidden away in the mountains, where they practice sustainable living to prepare themselves in the event of a comet hitting the earth’s atmosphere.

Doomsday Preppers – To Fail Is To Die | S04E01

Meet Jimi Falcon, who is prepping for a potential World War III. Jimi built his home to withstand the extreme climate of Montana. Next, meet Cindy Stewart, who began prepping for a foreign nuclear attack on the U.S. following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Cindy uses her taxidermy skills to create camouflaged IEDs. Lastly, get a close-up look inside Rod Godfrey’s military-style command and control center he built in his home to protect himself from apocalyptic superstorms.

Doomsday Preppers – Back to the Dark Ages | S04E04

Chuck Vessey fears that an electromagnetic pulse will take out the power grid near his Texas home. He’s concealing his goods in intricate spots around his house and building a wind turbine to generate electricity. Lisa Roulette preps for global climate change and teaches her sons the ways of living off the land. Tom and Beth Tailer prepare their land and community in rural Vermont for massive oil shortages by engineering a seemingly indestructible eco-dome shelter.

Doomsday Preppers – Be the Prep | S04E02

After losing his job, Nick Klein began prepping for an economic collapse. Nick keeps rabbits that he believes will give him all the food, fuel and fertilizer he needs to survive. Patrick Troy began prepping for societal collapse caused by a catastrophic event after the birth of his only child. He is building a multi-tiered perimeter defense system around his house. Keith Ford is prepping for a second civil war that he believes will destroy American society.